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New routines 

Due to the pandemic Sjekkpunkt (Checkpoint) has new routines. The test room will be desinfected after each test and this may extend the latency. 


  • Wash your hands at arrival 
  • Keep your distance to others 
  • Do not touch fixtures and fixings 
  • Rub your hands with alcohol when you leave


Checkpoint offers rapid test for HIV and syphilis. This test is anonymous and you will get the test result before you leave. In addition Checkpoint offers testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia. These samples are analyzed at the Olafia clinic (Olafiaklinikken) who will need your name, social security number and contact information to provide you with the test results.

Drop by Checkpoint (Sjekkpunkt) in Arbeidersamfunnets plass 1 during opening hours for a free drop in test!

For men who have sex with men 

Checkpoint is a testing service for men who have sex with men. The guys you meet at Checkpoint and who perform the tests are themselves part of this group. They are not health professionals but peers.

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Rapid test for HIV and syphilis

Checkpoint provides rapid tests for HIV and syphilis. Testing is always free and anonymous. 

You don't need to book an appointment, register or pay, and we aim to make your visit to Checkpoint as agreeable as possible. We are staffed by friendly men who are either employees or volunteers. We are not doctors or health personnel but are trained in giving the tests and offering test counselling. 

A fingerprick and a minute's wait

The tests used at Checkpoint involve making a little fingerprick. The drop of blood from the finger is placed in a small container with a liquid and, after a minute, one or two dots are visible. One dot means no infection; two dots means a high probability of an HIV infection.

When should you take an HIV test? 

If you have been exposed to risk, especially through unprotected anal sex, we recommend you take a rapid test.  This provides a quick and straightforward result and, if you test positive, you will be able to start treatment. Whatever the result, the test can spare you anxiety and the uncertainty of whether you are infected or not.

If you test positive

Above all: HIV is not a death sentence – with the treatment now available you will have every expectation of living a long and full life. The earlier you are tested and can start treatment, the better.

The vast majority of people who are tested test negative, and don't have HIV or syphilis. If you test positive, we are able to put you into contact with our partners in the department of immunology and infection at your nearest hospital. Most people who test positive take up this offer because it saves long waits and provides support and answers along the way.

Completely reliable test three months after infection

You can use Checkpoint at any time, but the best option is to have the test three months after the date you think you may have been infected. As a rule, tests are reliable after one month, but for some people it may take up to three months before the test will be reliable. If you have a test at Sjekkpunkt before three months have gone by, you will be offered the option of a new test later on.

Anyone who wants to have a test is welcome, regardless of whether they have been exposed to risk.

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