Someone to talk to, support and a bottle of water – the Arena team members are there for you when you are out and about

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Arena is a nightlife patrol

Arena is Gay and Lesbian Health Norway's nightlife patrol, and at weekends we take condoms, bottles of water and information about drugs to different venues. We also bring along a little tablet-based lifestyle test you may want to take. The test gives you instant feedback, in just a minute, about the use of various narcotics. 

Support without pointing fingers

The people you meet from the Arena team are used to talking about clubbing, drugs and sex. You can chat with us about anything you like, no subject is too difficult and no question is too dumb. We are very familiar with the different, and sometimes difficult, situations that can arise when you are out on the town.

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Anonymous and on your terms

If you decide to chat with us, it's up to you to choose what you want to talk about. You don't need to say who you are, unless you want to. We don't ask for contact information, so you remain anonymous. We are bound by confidentiality and, of course, talking with us is free of charge.